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Natural and artificial leather :

Natural leather gives off a natural body odor due to the animal’s skin and hair. But synthetic products are not able to do this because they are made of plastic . Leather products are always very expensive and valuable due to their high resistance and special sewing and time consuming. But synthetic products have very low prices due to their poor quality and low durability. One of the best ways to make sure your leather product is genuine is to buy from reputable companies.

Properties of leather :

Properties of natural leather :

High durability

High strength Being beautiful and stylish Absorption of water and moisture

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Product NameDescriptionPackage typeStockPrice
natural leather-CustomAvailableCall
Artificial leather-CustomAvailableCall

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About us:

The Senator Collection Manufacturing Company was established in 2003 in order to produce various types of high-quality leather. Through the use of new technology and the best advanced equipment and lines and automatic devices under the supervision of engineers , with the help of Almighty God, The collection was able to become one of the largest producers of this product. And the company’s engineers, with decades of management experience in this industry, have ensured progress and a bright future for customers. Our products are made to meet domestic needs and to enter export markets.


Director of Senator Collection

Masoumeh Morsali